Tenuta Luisa

Our family

A long-life family passion beginning more than 80 years ago came when Francesco Luisa, left a widower at only 37 years old and with six children to raise, had the foresight and the grit to purchase 5 ha (12 acres) of land. Here starts the saga of the Luisas of Corona carried on by Delciso, who followed in his father francesco’s footsteps.


Above all, Tenuta Luisa continues to thrive through Eddi, who at only 13 years of age and with such determination, began working alongside his father. Even today, Eddi gives help and support to his two sons, Michele and Davide, two separate generations that sagely unite tradition and extend the continual search for innovation whilst respecting basis of their art and the Terroir itself.

It is this union of the family, and this vortex of enthusiasm, courage and foresight that has allowed the Tenuta Luisa legacy to grow consistently over years, having 95 hectares under vines and producing more than 350,000 bottles a year which are exported all over the world.


“From sunrise to sunset, never looking at my watch. Today I am so proud of our family winery for my children and for grandchildren.”
Eddi Luisa

“Tenuta Luisa doesn’t just supply customers, it gains friendships. We always toast by saying “Chin, Chin, health and friendship!”
Nella Luisa

“I welcome all to our cellar, I like our guests to feel at home. There’s nothing better than a good glass of wine with friends, around the fireplace.”
Federica Luisa

“The vineyard is the basis of excellence: low yields, careful pruning, thick produce with minimum treatment, good enough to give to my brother! Healthy and natural is the only way to create great wines.”
Davide Luisa

“Before thinking about a wine, i wonder what we are looking for. In fact the wine is pure pleasure, it is an emotion. This emotion is exactly what I want to transmit. Keeping the natural product intact as much as possible, to offer a natural drink, healthy, smart that expresses all the love with which it was made.”
Michele Luisa

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